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To me it seems surprising that democracy has survived till today inspite of a major inadequacy. A task as important and critical as running a nation should best be left in the hands of very capable people. Democracy is not adequate for this task, as these people are elected by the public which seems very unprofessional.

Firstly, the public is not knowledgeable about what sort of people will do a good job and the qualities one should look for in them. A large section of the population will remain ignorant on this aspect even if the literacy goes up. Secondly, they do not elect the representatives in an unbiased manner. Other than such biases, their choices can be influenced. To sum up, government elected by people is likely to be incompetent.

To the questions on who will select these people of merit, it is just like the selection of bureaucracy except that the qualities tested are different. But unlike bureaucracy the government may be voted out by people if their performance is not what the people expected. People are in a much better position to do this effectively because if people do not get what they want or if their voice is not heard, then the government is deemed to be lacking in performance and have to bow down to people's decision.

There is no concept of a party. The MPs stand in their constituency and if voted out because of lack of performance get sacked. Otherwise they continue. The government as a whole also faces the people's decision. If voted out the Prime Minister and maybe his cabinet are sacked. This way we get the best of both worlds. The professional way of selecting people who govern the country and the popular way of assessing their performance.