Online Preparation Material


We provide online preparation material for NEET, GRE, GMAT, SAT, CAT aand IIT JEE. The material for each is a refreshingly innovative package which will help the student in both getting a good grasp of the topics and performing well in the exams. The innovation is in offering a methodical step by step approach along with the rationale for each approach. The student thus gets an intuitive feel for the problems and is adequately prepared to face the exam. All the methods are illustrated with several examples.

Our website is ranked high in for very competitive keywords and ranked among the very best in India. The cost of the material is Rs.7500 / 150 USD. Kindly go through the sample material and get the feel for the quality of the material. As part of our online service, we also offer unlimited question answering through email, to help the students get unique perspectives on solving various types of problems. For payment details, kindly contact Srinivasan at or call 7358746519. Kindly note that ,to those who want their natural intuitive skills to come to the fore, we offer spiritual help and it is free of cost.