Our Initiatives In Education

The current education system is fundamentally lacking because it seeme to focus on the knowledge about the "forms" and "details" than on knowledge about the "substance". The system is very much divorced from reality. A good education system has to prepare a student for a successful life and not for job alone. Unless we make some radical changes we will find ourselves woefully unprepared to meet the future education challenges. Take a look at the article below to know what we believe would be a good education system.

As a part of our initiatives in education, we would endeavour to make people ready for life. The first step towards that is to teach them correct logical thinking and also help them bring out the skills that are natural to them. Showing the connections between various fields of knowledge is also something we will work on. Good logical thinking along with holistic attitude gives wisdom. Right now, we have embarked on the first step of teaching people to think logically.

Though logical thinking is very much the focus of current education systems, we rarely find good approaches to teach logical thinking. The reasoning tests required for entry to colleges and universities provide the opportunity to initiate students properly into logical thinking and hone that skill. We try to help students to use logical skills proficiently and to competently face the exams. Right now we assist students in the following preparations.


  • A Good Education System