Spiritual Healing Of Health Problems

Spiritual energy is real, in fact more real than physical energy. The source of the energy as the name suggests, is the soul. Some people are gifted naturally to use the power of soul and project spiritual energy on to the external reality. Since spiritual energy due to its nature sets disorders right, it cures body disorders when projected on to the body.

Our ancient healing and well being techniques such as Ayurveda and Yoga try to increase the spiritual energy of the body and so maintain its balance. I do the same by directly passing on the spiritual energy. In all humility let me say that it is a much more potent approach than even yoga and ayurveda since potent spiritual energy is directly passed on.

The existence of spiritual energy is verifiable in a scientific way and so also its curative and problem solving abilities. I am a living testimony to the reality of spiritual energy and to the amazing wisdom of ancient India which has given so much knowledge about spirituality which I am able to see, can be put to practical uses and also to understand truths better

It seems to me that the best way to make people believe in our own home grown invaluable knowledge is to show them spirituality at work. This has been my reason for trying to help people in their health problems which importantly also gives people relief from their problems.

The Method

Based on my experience, I would say major problems such as cancer, heart, liver and kidney problems will show considerable improvement within 3 months. I see the patients every week and have approx. 1 hour session with them. So for major problems there will be about 10-12 sittings before cure becomes evident. Distant treatment will be provided for patients who cannot come personally for the sessions.

The complementary initiative which is spiritual development course will be available free of cost for those availing the above service.

For details, contact Srinivasan at: sravnatestprep@gmail.com or call +91 7358746519