Regular Courses

Our regular courses are designed to provide an in depth coverage of the concepts tested in the exams and prepare the student thoroughly for the test. We offer classroom and distance courses.

Our fundamental objective is to make the student reason correctly by following a method. The feel of how to approach a problem comes to some naturally. But one can learn it too and we teach how to do that. Enough practice is given to make the students assimilate the approach. So once the student sees a question he will not only know what steps to follow to arrive at the solution but also develop a deep understanding of problem solving. This approach to answering questions in a reasoning test is something we are pioneering.

There is no fixed limit on the duration of the course. The limit is set by the thorough understanding of the concepts and gaining of enough practice by the students. Our students can also access about 20 full length practice tests of high quality for CAT. In the case of the GRE and the GMAT, the students will have access to 6 full length tests. The maximum size of a batch is 5. In addition to the regular classroom hours, each student in a batch will get complete personal attention for 1 hour per week.

Text course material is also separately provided for the students. The material is offered at a reasonable cost. We have put up some sample material on our website. If you find the material useful, contact