Srinivasan Vaidyaraman is the founder. His mission is to work towards bringing about a better education system and help people develop their spirituality.

His immediate objective in bringing about a better education system is to make people adept at logical thinking. He has worked extensively in the area of content devlopment for reasoning tests. He brings in his vast knowledge, acquired through his exposure to linguistics and grounding in quantitative disciplines, to the area of teaching for reasoning exams.

He is also gifted with incredible spiritual power and has helped people come out of their health and other problems. His personal experiences, good understanding of spiritual knowledge and brand new insights about putting spirituality into practice, are aimed to help one find real happiness. The existence of spiritual energy can be scientifically proved.

From the perspective of Astrology, he was born on a very auspicious day and time. He was born on a Somavati and Mauni Amavasya under Abhijit and Sravana Nakshatras and during sarvartha siddhi yoga. The Vimsamsa divisional chart which shows spiritual development has numerous raja yogas and special yogas.

He earned a Master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Texas at Austin after an engineering degree in Electronics and Communication in 1988. In addition, he holds a Cost Accounting degree and has secured a national rank in the Cost Accounting exam.

Greetings from the Founder

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