Sravna is a research, teaching and solutions center based in Chennai, India that aims to develop and enhance people's knowledge, health and wealth and hence their quality of life. We believe that people should possess right objective and subjective knowledge and right thinking, for the, development of self and hence the development of society. Our solution to this is a systematic approach to knowledge and thinking so that anyone can benefit.

Objective Knowledge is properly initiated through formal education. Education should lay a proper foundation for students, in analytical logical thinking. Education should also emphasize the basics of holistic learning as that can help the students to later take on higher skills and succeed in life. One of our objectives is to espouse this cause.

Standing above the understanding of the external reality and grounding in logic, are the understanding of the inner world and the intricacies of holistic thinking. Unlike in our formal education, the emphasis of knowledge is on one's inner self. It is more than just understanding and is also about putting the understanding into practice. This is called as realization. Realization of truths is aided by external guidance and right frame of mind.

Besides trying to guide people to the right knowledge and thinking we help people in their health problems. We also guide people, as investment advisors, to greater wealth. We offer the highest quality service in all of these vital components of people's life which in turn helps people lead a high quality life.

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